Braggables is the place where you can come and know that what you see is the real deal, from the real deal. It’s the place where you will find the best products that you, your family, friends, dog, cat & even that friendly ghost living in the upstairs attic will love. 


We started out in 2013 after we got a little frustrated seeing high quality, genuine brands being featured on blogs and flash sale sites alongside less superior products, which we felt damaged their “brag-worthy” brand. So we set out to create an invite-only  platform where we would only feature brands and products that did the hard yards and were as authentic as they come.


Thing is, this was supposed to be a bit of a side gig…a hobby if you will. But it took up so much of our time, we had no way of keeping up while running our own business. So we stepped back, took deep breaths, and decided that it was too important a cause to give up on. So we decided to open the site up to submissions, allowing the brands to come to us, with one major hurdle. They have to be deemed totally Braggable to be featured. This means that not everyone who wants to be featured makes the cut.


In fact, to determine if a product is worth featuring or not, we normally imagine receiving it as a gift from a good friend or loved one! If we love it and can imagine it in our own space, that’s how we determine if it’s worth Bragging about!


Our non-product features are created for your enjoyment. Like if there’s a recipe, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ve either tried and loved it ourselves or our mouths watered at the sight of it. Or if it’s a movie that we’re raving about, you can count on us having truly seen it and woke up the next day still thinking about it. If it’s a brand or product, we’re bragging about it because we’re truly impressed. 


In fact, Braggables prides itself on being the platform where genuine, ethical brands crave to be featured, as there’s no better feeling than to know their brand or product has achieved the highest honor it can wish for: to be officially Bragged about. So we feel an immense duty not only to you, our readers, but to those who ask to be featured & put their faith in us to do right by them by featuring only the best of the best alongside them.


This means that you can count on us to make sure you get the coolest of the cool, the hippest of the hip, and the littest of the lit (is that a thing?)….


Happy Bragging ya’ll!



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