Imaginative Play for Kids from Donna Wilson

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Here at Braggables we love to see really innovative and creative ideas popping up, especially when it comes to kids’ products. We think this House Throw Play Den Set over at Donna Wilson is the very definition of creative. The set comes with a wooden frame over which you can toss a lovely throw blanket, transforming it into an awesome play den in an instant. We are really excited about this organic approach to play… isn’t it so much better than all the plastic playhouses you see around these days?

The throw is 100% lambswool and woven in Scotland, so it’s as great for a snuggle as it is on the play den. You can get the blanket in one of three colour schemes (pink & grey, mustard, and green), making it a great match for a wide variety of decors. If you have a little one and want an imaginative and diverse way to allow them to play, look no further than this lovely little set.

RRP: £240

Donna Wilson

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