Patchwork Knit

IGNORE THE PANTS, PEOPLES! Let's focus on the jumper, because it's one of the cutest knits we've seen. As a complete set, it's a bit much, but throw that knitted jumper on over a pair of jeans or a black mini with tights, and it goes from being 'ummm' to being 'yumm!'.


This is a little more than we like to spend on any jumper, but it's so cute and will be trendy for years and years, so it makes the list!


Thermal Long Sleeve Top

I'm a big fan of a staple wardrobe. And every one should have a striped long sleeve top. It literally goes with everything, from over jeans to under denim jackets or long cardi's. This stripy number gives the traditional striped top a twist with its geometric slant cut, and it's also thermal, which is a bonus!


The cute little puff shoulders make this 'that' jumper you want to wear anywhere you go on the weekends...whether you're cruising Westfield or popping into Bunnings because that's the only place you can take your furkid when it rains (or am I the only one?), this is the ideal jumper to keep you looking effortlessly cool.


I;m not gonna lie, the dog got me first. But then the pink trim convinced me that I have to have this jumper. So if you're my size, I hope I'm not taking the last one from you!


Why do we love this? Because it's always in style and always casually cool. You just cannot go wrong with this very well known style.


Remember back when we all wore those navy and white horizontal striped rugby tops? They're still cool....but so's this one. I love a take on a rugby top that you can wear anywhere, and not just your local sports event!


"The" Colander

Don't you just love a cute cardi? Prints are all the rage now, and this embroidered deer design leaves us doe-eyed. Get it?


Let's face it: a cable knit with buttons is bound to make it on any must-have jumper list! There's a level of casual class you just can't argue with !


We searched high and low for polka dot jumpers, because we all need one in our lives. You're welcome.


How totally adorbs is this one? Perfect length? Check. Perfect sleeves? Check. Perfect detail? Check, baby!

The perfect sweat to wear around the home on weekends, or slouched over a pair of jeans on your grocery run, walking the dog or just going out for lunch at Gloria Jeans!


We love the trim of this button up cardi, and the lighthouse on the back is just so cute!

When you think of the Billabong brand, you might, like me, think of summer. But obviously, they make warm wear too. We love the color of this knit, and the loose fit goes perfectly over jeans, as you can see!


Not a huge fan of cropped cardi's? You will be! This one is so super cute and has so much detail, yet it's so subtle, you can wear it anywhere! We think it would look extra cute over a summer dress!

Stripe Arm Cardi

Cardigans are the bees knees when leaving the house in a rush to grab some milk or pick up your sisters kid because you made the mistake by telling them 'that's what family does' when you did it that one time. It's the 5th time this month....sigh. Oh, off track there. So, yes, this is a must-have cardi for every wardrobe!

I couldn't imagine a more comfy jumper to chill and watch movies in! Or to throw over a pair of tight jeans or even leggings while walking Rufus!

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