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What’s your fave thing to  do when you just want to relax and get away from it all? 

Mine is hopping onto the Anthropologie website and browse. Just browse. Then, admittedly, I get a little mad that alot of the things on there cannot be shipped to me in Australia, or that anything with a power cable isn’t worth getting as I can’t use it here. 


But, for all other things, I can’t help but add to cart. So because I’m out of money, I thought I’d put together a list of delish items for the home for you to buy. Yes, I’m literally living through you right now! The list is carefully out together so that everything goes, and there’s only one of each thing, so you can grab them all if you wanted to, for the ultimate home makeover that’s guaranteed to impress for years to come. And if you feel bad for me, I accept Bitcoin 😉


Happy Anthro shopping!

Leather Desk Organiser

When I started working from home during Covid, I discovered that my using habit of working on the sofa after work didn't cut it for my day job as I couldn't just drift off to sleep when I felt like it anymore. This workstation is the ideal setup for those who WFH .


Brass Door Knocker

I didn't realise how badly we needed a door knocker until I saw this one. I don't know how I've survived without it. Adding to cart....


Half Moon Clock

I don't care if the last time you looked at a clock to check the time was in 1998. Times have changed, but decor 101 hasn't, and a clock is always a staple piece. We love this one because of it's flat base with half moon shape, making it perfect on a mantle, dresser, picture ledge or sofa console.


Raffia Table Runner

Not your typical table runner, right? If you have friends over for dinner and they don't gush over this whimsical length of wonderfulness protecting your table, you need new friends. Oh, and it goes perfectly with the placemats we just mentioned 😉


Raffia Placemats

Set of 4 Raffia placemats with cute colourful trim, baby! Simple but definitely not forgetful!


"The" Colander

Impress your guests with this very fancy, but extremely cool, handpainted colander. It's imperfectly shaped and textured on the outside with food pattern inside.


Textured Throw Blanket

If you are human, you have about 100 throw blankets, but it's still never enough. And we're pretty sure that none would be as funky cool as this one.


Tesla's sales

It's hard to find a patterned rug that's so deliciously gorgeous, you just have to hav e it at any cost. Granted, this one might be a little more than one would like to spend, but oh my gosh, it's worth every penny in my book. 98-1798USD

Floral Picnic Blanket

I guarantee that if you had this blanket, you'd be having alot more picnics, or just a chill out at the park!

Monogram Mug

Monogram mug. I'm not usually a fan of printed mugs - except for one I was given with me, my man and dog, given to us one Christmas - weird how the heart can make you love something so out of your taste range! - but these mugs are so cute with their curved shape and huge handle The ultimate hot chocolate mug for those chilly nights. Available in every letter of the alphabet. 14USD

Rattan Table Basket

I recently got a round coffee table with no storage underneath for remotes, my nail file and other random things. After searching high and low for something decorative I could sit by the sofa or the console behind it, I find this gem. Perfect!


Meditation Bells

Whilst these beauties are called 'meditation bells' - and I love to cram in a bit of TM as often as possible - these bells would totally be perfect outside with the wind gently blowing them! 24USD ea

Floral Diffuser

In our quest for the loveliest versions of existing things, these gorgeous little pots of delightful blooms are actually diffusers! Finally! We were getting pretty tired of the same old same old bottle with slapped on label & reed sticks. 28USD

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