Baby Snuggle, Baby Style With Bambeano

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Remember when you were stuck in a drab vinyl baby seat as a bub? We don’t, we’ve blocked it out! We’re glad we here at Braggables don’t remember much before 5 and we’re super-glad to see that baby seats have gone comfy and chic with these beanbag seats from Bambeano. Made with some lush and lovely prints that any mum or dad will be happy to see in their homes, these seats are designed also to give bub the utmost in comfort, support, and security.

The unique beanbag design of these baby seats lets baby sit up and interact with his world and makes these seats light enough for mum and dad to tote anywhere. Plus, they’re made with an ultra-conscientious attention to detail and safety, so you can rest assured that your bub is chilling safely!

As a bonus, these seats work with the accessories from Bambeano’s sister line, Chibebe. Win-win for you and bub!




*this is a feature of a product within the Braggables family.

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