Bamboozled by Bamboo Dinner Sets!

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We here at Braggables already knew bamboo could be sleek and sophisticated, but who knew it could be so charming and cute, too! These Bamboo Dinner Sets by Love Mae have us a’whirlin’ and a’twirlin’ with their darling design and eco-conscious structure. These sets are biodegradable and toxic-free, ensuring that they’re as good for the Earth as they are for your little one! And you and your child will really enjoy the fantastic style delivered by these sets, including a Woodland Critter design featuring a deer and bird in delicate autumn shades and an Under the Sea set with a fantabulous octopus, fish, and zigzag cup!

Each set is a full service for a child, including a 21 cm plate, a 14 cm bowl, and a 7.6 cm tumbler. While they’re not suitable for microwave use, we think the chicness and quality of these dinner sets are more than enough for us. So if you are looking for a stylish and so-so-sweet way to serve up dinner for your little bubs, look no further! Head on over to Love Mae today!

RRP: $29.95 AUD

Love Mae

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