Light Your Way with Menu Lamps by Christian Bjørn

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Danish designer, Christian Bjørn has created some really lovely and minimal lamps for Menu, available over at Danish Design Store that we’ve gone slightly gaga over. These sleek hurricane lamps are based on the lighthouses that line the coasts of Scandinavia and have really striking lines, plus a construction that makes them easy to use and easy to maintain. The oil burners at the top of the lamp can be refilled in an instant with no need to disassemble the lamp.

Lighting these up on a veranda for an evening sup is just the touch of one-of-a-kind ambiance you need to make your night special. With their silver exterior and gently attenuated silhouettes, they can add class and style to any event. They come in packs of two, so you can invest in a couple sets and experiment with the placement of these creative lamps. Light it up in style right away with Christian Bjørn’s standout design.

RRP: $169.95USD

Danish Design Store

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