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the sons of sam – MAY 5TH

It’s kind of weird to say, because it is normally born out of a negative period, but we love a documentary. In this case, we’re learning about the journey of Journalist Maury Terry, who spent decades on a quest to find prove that serial murderer, David Berkowitz, had not acted alone in his killings. Until now, most of us had not heard of this case, so it will be very interesting to learn about it, and if and what Berkowitz uncovers.


The whole season will be available to stream from May 5th.


(above image credit: Horror News Network)


We’re super excited about this one, but did feel a little deceived by the promotion of the new series,  with the exciting news that it will feature Josh Duhamel and  Leslie Bibb (who we love), who are actually only in 1 of the 8 episodes, according to IMDB

Here’s how Nexflix describes the plot:

“After nearly a century of keeping mankind safe, the world’s first generation of superheroes must look to their children to continue the legacy. But tensions rise as the young superheroes, hungry to prove their worth, struggle to live up to their parents’ legendary public reputations — and exacting personal standard”.

We’re sure it is on track to be an amazing show, so we’re counting the days to stream the whole season on May 7th!

monster – MAY 7TH

It’s scary think of how easily life can go from being predictably normal to crashing down all around you in a split second. This is the case for 17 year Steve Harmon, a smart, charismatic honor student at an elite high school who is charged with murder, potentially resulting in him living out his days in prison if his complex court battle doesn’t end up in his favour.

This movie is definitely worth a watch, and however it ends, we’re sure we’ll need tissues on hand.

Image Credit: Bron Studios
the upshaws – MAY 12TH

Who has ten toes and thinks Mike Epps is the bees knees? This writer right here! Add a sassy Wanda Sykes and you’re in for a real treat!


Mike plays Bernie Upshaw, a hardworking mechanic just doing what he can to give his wife and four kids the best life he can. Wanda plays his unbearable sister-in-law. 


This is gonna be fuuuuun!


Season streaming on May 12th.

oxygen – MAY 12TH

Elizabeth Hansen wakes up in a cryogenic pod and not only does she forget who she is, but she can’t get out until she finds a way to remember her identity, and also, how she ended up there in the first place. All before she runs out of oxygen.

Shit. This is a pickle and a half. 


We’ll totally be tuning from May 12th if our claustrophobic nerves can handle it.

Image Capture: YouTube

Set in Amsterdam, so yes, it involves drugs.


Now that that’s out of the way, picture this: 2006, a dude name Ferry Bouman is a man formerly from a place called Brabant. He fled there years before, and is now employed by Ralph Brink, an Amsterdam drug lord and powerful criminal (we’re thinking that the latter goes without saying…). Ralph is also Ferry’s mentor. Awww, how sweet!


After a gang mugging, Ralphs son gets badly injured, and Ferry is sent back to his hometown of Brabant to hunt the perpetrators down. 

Ferry has a few reunions on his return, from his estranged family, to the camper life he left behind, and a catchup with an old neighbour, Danielle (let us guess….).

Will Ferry’s loyalty lie with his mentor, Ralph, or with those whose his relationships were severed years before in Brabant?


Find out on May 14th

the woman in the window – MAY 14TH

AKA the movie that couldn’t jam in any more unbelievably good actors without bursting the cameras to smithereens. 


Based on the novel by Tracy Letts, Amy Adams plays a child psychologist with agoraphobia. She likes to watch the new family across the street through her window. We’re not sure at this point if she’s just bored or they have a really hot lawnmower guy.


But then, she witnesses a horrible crime and everything is up in the air and not what it seems. 


If you like suspenseful, psychological thrillers – and even if you don’t – this is sure to be right down your alley. 


Like, seriously, check out this talent and tell us it’s not worth the watch:


Amy Adams (if Superman loves her, who are we not to?)

Gary Oldman (every actors fave actor)

Anthony Mackie (might be the hot lawnmower man?)

Jennifer Jason Leigh (if she can scare you off having a single white female as a roomie, we’d be disappointed if she doesn’t scare the dacks off you in this)

Julianne Moore (we always want more Moore)


Be prepared to draw your curtains on May 14th….you never know who’s watching you!

Army of the dead – MAY 21st

If the very, very real possibility of a zombie outbreak comes to life in this new Netflix offering , and it’s got us going out of our tiny tasty brains.


But there’s no need to fear the walking dead, because we have these guys. They have a plan to save the day. The trailer doesn’t make us feel confident that it’ll work, but traditional movie endings do.


Either way, it’s directed by Zack Snyder, and stars Dave Bautista, so if this is the last movie we get to see before our brains are devoured, what better way to go out, right?


Be prepared for a zombie invasion from May 21st. And wear a helmet to protect your noggin, just in case.

eden – MAY 27th

We’re going to jump thousands of years into the future now, where we’ll find a couple of robots from a place called ‘Eden 3’  who find a sweet little baby girl in a stasis state, and accidentally wake her up. 


Now, if you’re like, us, you thought robots were smart and knew everything. But we’re talking thousands of years in the future, and they have no idea that humans were real….in fact, they’re taught that humans were a forbidden myth, so they kind of freak out and question everything they believed until now. 


Hang on, robots ‘believe‘ shit?!


Anyway, these two softies wrapped in metal decide to raise the little girl in secret, in a safe place, away from Eden. 


I’m not crying – you are.


Get your hard heart melted on May 27th

Image Capture: IMDB
the kominsky method – MAY 28TH

In the final season, Sandy has to deal with life without his longtime friend, Norman. 


We love seeing Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner on the screen together, often in love/hate situations, so we can’t wait to see how this season pans out when she pops up again as Roz, Sandy’s ex-wife, who just wants to spend time with their daughter.


Our faves turn up again (ie: brother and sister actors, Emily & Haley Joel Osment) and the season is only 6 episodes long, and then it’s done for good. So if you haven’t streamed the show at all yet, you have time to catch up before this one starts.



Stream the final season from May 28th

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