Go Green with Fashion-Forward Bags on Optoco

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Nope, going green doesn’t have to be dull! These cutting edge “green” Stinadelin bags will literally have your friends green with envy as you rock a completely stylish look! Manufactured from a blend of high and low density polyethylene, these bags are eco-friendly while also being super-chic. The materials used to make these bags can even be recycled eventually once you’ve enjoyed them for a few seasons!

These darlings have already won multiple fashion awards in Milan and Dubai. With their ornate, tapestry-style design and gold charms, these bags give you a great look for summer without harming the environment. What’s more they ship flat and then just snap together to form into the bag, saving you money on shipping, too.


So let’s review…

  • looks great
  • good for the Earth, and;
  • saves you money?

Sounds great to us! Check them out!

RRP: $79.95AUD

Optoco Online

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