Who has two thumbs and pops up everywhere? This guy….

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Ok, so since getting right into Community (you know, that awesome TV show currently streaming on Netflix), I’ve noticed its star Joel McHale pop up everywhere. Is it a case Baader-Meinhof, or has he always been ‘there’ but not ‘there’.


Annoyed that someone so talented flew under my radar for so long, I dug deep and discovered that yes, indeed, this funny as guy has a fair bit of credibility under his belt and I wasn’t paying attention.


So, it’s not like Joel McHale is new to me, but i suppose I never paid any attention until was so show-deprived that i gave in during covid lockdown and finally got past the first episode of Community – I was trying to watch it for many years before, but just couldn’t engage – that I became a fan. His dry sense of humour & criticism on the show is on point, and you want to hate him, but you can’t, because through all the egotistical jabber he blurts out, he’s loyal and fiercely protective of his newfound classmates.


I finished the series too quick. I always do. 


Then I found myself  wondering about all the shows I’ve seen Joel in, and the list was endless, because it’s almost like he’s on every single show at some point or another.  Whether it’s his own, like Community, and my fave, The Great Indoors’ (which was cancelled after it’s 1st season for some crazy reason), to the Santa Clarita Diet and Medical Police, to The Masked Singer in the USA (supposedly helping out his BFF, Ken Jeong, pictured). I mean, seriously…this guy is everywhere. Like, he was even on Sons of Anarchy. The guy even has had a couple of his own commentary shows and was likely the inspiration for Tosh.0. I half expect him to pop his head in to say ‘hey’ on every show that comes on the tube nowadays!

Image Credit: Instagram

But one show I didn’t expect to see him on was the latest episode of American bloody Housewife. Like, how did that happen? Here I am, enjoying my naughty hot chocolate, still basking in the delight that is Taylor and Trip together again, and Joel saunters into the cafe as Coopers horrible Dad. In all honesty, after his appearance on the Mr Iglesias, I should have been more prepared.

Joel McHale really knows his sweet acting spot. He’s a dapper looking guy who is possibly the nicest celebrity on the planet, but he plays an awesome arsehole, and he knows it. The more you see him play these roles, the more you swear you can see the mischievous glee in his eyes while doing so.


I feel like the networks know his value to audiences, but for some reason, they haven’t got anything for him to star in as the lead. Although, I’m still awaiting answers as to why and how The Great Indoors got cancelled. Maybe if more people watched it and started a petition like they did with Brooklyn Nine Nine, we can get it up and running again.


Hmm….just realised he hasn’t been on Brooklyn Nine Nine. Yet…..


Main Image Credit: Instagram

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