A Healthy & Fun Nursery with Hunter Fans

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Everyone knows how pleasant a breeze from a fan can be, but did you know that a fan can be a healthier choice, too, especially for kids and babies? These Hunter Ceilings Fans allow your infant or child to rest easily without overheating and experiencing any discomfort during the night.  What’s even better is that the fan blades come in a series of fun, kid-oriented designs. These blades can be changed out for a new set as your child grows, allowing you to keep up with ever-evolving tastes and interests!

The Airplanes blades are a particularly bold, bright, and fun choice that would look great in a girl or boy’s room. The extra fun Surfboard blades are just as whimsical and could suit children of almost any ages. Plus, the blades are all reversible, so you can flip them over to get a whole new neutral look! Get a great new visual feature for your kid’s room along with loads of health benefits over at Hunter Fans today.

RRP: £64.80 (blades only)

Hunter Fan

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