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It’s basically anything goes nowadays. But we all have our faves, and here are ours!

From natural tones to bright and eclectic, 2021 is the year of self expression! So be yourself! Just remember to keep your stylistic approach flowing throughout the home, because as much as you might love and each of the styles just as much as we do, it can give the impression that you have no style if you clash it all together (as much as you might want to!).

Naturally Minimal

This is our favorite, and most achievable look, because it's light and fresh and just makes you feel...clean, and you can get alot of natural looking pieces at your local Kmart store if you're on a budget (aren't we all?!). Create your own "Busy Minimalistic" space with natural wood and rattan storage solutions, topped with decor pieces like plants, vases, lamps and bowls. Having pictures on the floor, a ledge or on top of dressers allow you to change the design anytime. It also has a natural, flowing feel about it when they're not hung.

Mash It Up!

We love a mish mash look! It's so easy to maintain as it's not perfect. But also, it is. It also makes everyone feel super relaxed and at home. And if you're like me and can't decide between this chair and that chair...why not mix it up? Normally, completely mismatched pictures on the wall, and different color timber pieces would be a designers nightmare, but when it's obviously intended....it all ties together so well.

Mid Century Modern

My absolute fave, and very easy to achieve with stores like West Elm for furnishing and Anthropologie for decor if you're based in Australia. If you're based in the States, you have the luxury of both stores!

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