snuggle Up With Nos Da Blankets

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There’s definitely something Braggable about a chic throw to toss on a couch and throw over your legs during a brisk winter evening. It gets even more so when you factor in a blanket that is woven in Wales with wool that is specially spun and dyed in England by (wait for it) a real, old-fashioned mill that has been in the hands of one family for more than a hundred years! The Nos Da collection of blankets over at Donna Wilson are really special and unique items that are sure to have your friends green with envy.

Using a double cloth weaving technique, these blankets manage to create a pattern that is like nothing we’ve seen before over here at Braggables. The symphony of colours and shapes creates a beautiful effect. And with a range of colour choices, including Moss, Mint, Blue Moon, Blush, and Licorice, there is a Nos Da blanket available that can suit almost any decor and design theme. Measuring 230x200cm, these blankets give you plenty of room to snuggle… and leave you looking good doing it! So get cozy STAT with Nos Da!

RRP: £325

Donna Wilson

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