Rowen & Wren’s Rye Bowl Exudes Natural Beauty

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The Braggables crew loves a fresh face and a natural look… and we think it’s a quality that works on everything, even kitchenware. These Rye Dishes over at Rowen & Wren are the definition of fresh-faced, bringing an organic and vibrant look to a kitchen or dining table. Made from earthenware, the bowls follow a very smooth line, reminiscent of a sea pebble. Each bowl comes paired with a lid in oak, transforming it into a storage container and adding to its unique beauty.

The Rye Dish comes in four earthy colours: ebony, shingle grey, chalk white, and butternut. They would look great as a mixed set arrayed on a counter or serving up delectables at your next dinner party. Rowen & Wren even recommends them as decorative items on a bookshelf, which we think is a splendid idea, too! There are a lot of options in front of you with these beauties, so click over and see what’s waiting for you!

RRP: £108ea

Rowen & Wren

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