Spools and Spools of Scarf!

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Head over to Whos It For for a wowzer of a scarf! This Spool Scarf from Avoca is made from the softest 100% cotton and uses a fantastic mix of ecru, brown, and orange. The scarf comes packaged on a spool, making it a unique and fun gift for a friend or loved one. Avoca, the company behind the scarf, has been in business since 1723 (!) and is a family-run business, so you know you’re getting a legacy product with real quality!

We love the great packaging idea, but especially love the colour mix and soft weave. We plan on wearing this scarf in several different types of weather and even plan on building a few outfits around the scarf instead of just throwing it on as an afterthought. We think it deserves that much attention and more… and hope you will, too!

RRP: £35

Whos It For

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